Our Firm

GBA Systems Integrators, LLC (gbaSI) provides complete engineering study and design, integration, installation, as well as management of high speed, wireless, fiber optic and broadband IT systems.

Our Firm

We make Technology talk

gbaSI works with our partners to evaluate and select the best technology solutions to meet existing and future communication requirements, always striving to create scale-able architecture and infrastructure frameworks for continued expansion and enhancement of the systems into the future as technology improves.

Solutions, not just products

gbaSI is a product independent technology integration firm trained and certified to work with all makes and models of communication/networking equipment. We specialize in wide area communication networks of all types and the integration of field devices and computer control systems is what we do, not just capabilities we have added to our engineering design portfolio. We provide solutions, not products, to our clients and partners and pride ourselves in our unbiased evaluations of computer management and communication networks for the determination of the best, most economical solutions to you, our client.

Unique needs require specialized solutions

Our staff members are communication system specialists who understand that each agencies' communication network, operations, and management approach is unique, and therefore the requirements to create workable solutions must be tailored to match each agencies requirements and needs. Our employees are professional engineers and technical experts in many fields, including fiber, wireless, and copper communication systems, computers/servers/peripherals, and diverse operating systems utilized in modern computerized control environments.